Top 10 hottest billionaire daughters

Wanne marry a rich girl? Why not aim for the highest, these 10 girls all have in common that they are super hot and have a super rich daddy! The order of the girls is decided by who has the richest daddy:

10. Charlotte Casiraghi (1 billion)

Charlotte is part of the Grimaldi Family from Monaco. This granddaughter of Grace Kelly already owns her own privet island

9. Holly Branson (2.5 billion)

Daughter of the coolest billionaire, “Virgin” boss richard Branson.

8. Ariana Rockefeller (3 billion)

Ariana’s daddy manages the Rockefeller money

7. Tamara Ecclestone (4 billion)

Daughter of F1 boss Bernald Ecclestone.

6. Dylan Lauren (4.6 billion)

Free Ralph Lauren polo’s for life! And a super hot girl!

5. Amanda Hearst (5 billion)

The hottest member of the Hearst family.

4. Kathrine en Cecilie Fredriksen (7.7 billion)

Twins, sexy, blond, rich, what more do you want!

3.Samantha Perelman (11 billion)

Daughter of Ron Pearlman.

2. Georgina Bloomberg ($18 billion)

Daughter of the major of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

1. Marta Ortega PĂ©rez ($25 miljard)

Beatiful Latina Marta is daughter of Spain’s richest man.