10 Things that May Get Extinct Within Our Lives

Human race has been evolving from day to day. There are things that were so much being used in past and now no one even knows about them. This evolution has made us forget so many things. A present day child would not know what is a telegram? or how a gramophone works? May be a few of us have not even seen a cycle with the front wheel being twice the size of the rear wheels. All these things have become so much out dated that we get to see them in only books or, for that matter, in museums.
We list some of the things that might get extinct in our own lives. Our off springs would be told about them but hopefully they would not get to see them in real. Whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come

1. Post office

A post office is the head quarter where all the postal services are dealt with. These services, given by the government for the citizens, include posting, receipt, transmission or delivery of mail. In olden days, post was the prime method of communication between two distant entities. Due to the advancement in electronic media and the advantages it gives, the usage of postage is already at a low. And since the mail is being discouraged (and emails making their way) soon it will be thought that post offices should be discontinued and the space and the man power should be used elsewhere.

2. Cheques

Ever used a cheque? Majority of us have had. But what for those who have never used a cheque ever? They are surviving good as well. The question is how they are surviving when cheques were an integral part of our payment structures. The answer is they are shifting to ATM cards and online backing. Most of the banks today have already shifted to the online system and people can use the internet and the web portal provided by the bank to make payments. Needless to mention that the online system does not make us wait until the cheque gets cleared from the bank.

3. Land line phones

‘Land line phones’ or ‘land line phone connections’ are phone connections that are given by the local telecommunication authorities. There was a time when only a few of the citizens were using this facility. Then came a time when almost every home had a phone line. But due to the introduction of mobile phones, the usage of the land line phones has decreased significantly. Also the demand of every one for being online always and the privacy required by every individual, mobile phones are replacing landline at a rapid speed.

4. CDs and Tapes

Tapes replaced the old records, CDs replaced the tapes and then DVDs replaced the CDS. Putting CDs and DVDs in one category, this medium of data storage ruled for almost 2 decades. Be it audio or video, CDs and DVDs replaced the magnetic tapes almost everywhere. Now at present day, already CDs and DVDs are being discouraged and flash memory is on the rise. How long would it take before CDs go extinct? Just a matter of years now!

5. Wrist watches/Dairies

Mobile phones affected the land line phones, talked on that topic already. What other things we DO NOT need to carry once we are carrying our cell phone? The facilities a normal cell phone has include a clock for sure. Why carry a watch then? Most of the people around have already stopped wearing a watch, especially the ones who used a watch just for checking the time (not as a symbol). The same goes with dairies as well. Most of us save out contacts and address in the cell phones. Who needs a separate book for that now?

6. Newspaper

It is said that a perfect breakfast has to include the daily news with whatever you are eating. But do we really need a paper print of the news for that? If we are good enough to use the computer for all the other activities, why do we need a print out version of news? By 2007, there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a day. Calculate the amount of paper and ink wastage. Till when the world would bare all that? Newspapers will soon be replaced with websites that offer daily news for free.

7. Books

Like news papers, books also would be replaced with the e-versions. There were people who used to say that no one would let go a physical book, that one can hold in his hand. But then, when we compare the price of the two, it is not far away in time that people start going for the much more cheaper e-books then spending almost 10 times more to get a hard copy. Especially with so many gadgets being introduced like the iPad and Tabs, reading from an e-book does not seem so difficult.

8. Television

Televisions might not totally get extinct any time soon but how much long would it take for a human being to realize the amount of time we actually waste while watching the television. With cable rates being sky rocketing and a commercial break after every 4 to 5 minutes, it is not very far away that people start looking for online streaming options.

9. Music

This is undoubtedly the saddest part of the story, Like a slow poisoned victim, the music industry is dying at a slow rate. Not just because of the privacy and the illegal downloading, also the fact that 40% of the downloads these days are traditional music. This is because the lack of chances for the innovative new music.

10. Human Privacy

When was the last time, that you did something was cool and did not tweet about it? Or went to an amusement place and did not write some details on Facebook or Myspace. We are totally addicted to tell our e-social meet up websites to tell/write each and every detail about us. We put in pictures and we share videos as well. We even put our GPS coordinates on the web whenever we use Google Latitude or Foursquare. Ever thought we are killing our own privacy with such acts? Obviously there is no stopping to that now.