Telenor launched new sms bundle’s in Djuice. The detail of sms bundles are given below;

Bundle 1 Rs. 7 1000 (500 Onnet & 500 Offnet)

Bundle 2 Rs. 7 700 Onnet Only

Bundle 3 Rs. 7 700 Offnet Only

Bundle 4 Rs. 19.99 1500 (750 Onnet & 750 Offnet)

Bundle 5 Rs. 39.99 2500 (1250 Onnet & 1250 Offnet)

To activate call 555 from your djuice connection and press 5.

All SMS bundles are valid for 7 days

All Djuice subscribers can avail these SMS packages.
SMS can be sent to any number in Pakistan.
The existing SMS bundle on djuice will no longer be applicable.
Offer validity is for 7 days i.e. if the subscription to the SMS package is done on the 1st of June, the subscription will expire on the 7th of june and unused SMS (if any) will be confiscated.
However the customer can extend the validity of the remaining SMS by subscribing to any of the mentioned packages before validity expires
This is a Limited Time Offer.