Facebook friends you wish you could unfriend

The Narcissist
Those who update status every minute of the day
The liker
Those who likes everything even if it is the most boring video you ever posted
Bad picture tagger
Well those who just wait for a moment when yyou yawn eat scratch or look awkward and immediately captures and posts that ridiculously picture of you and tag it
Your parents.
Its bad enough that they are part of the social networking revolution but when they ask embarrassing questions or leave comments on your profile it makes you wish you hadent taught them how to hold the mouse.
Virtual gifter
For God’s sake bye me a real gift and not a virtual shoe drink or loly pop
The boss
With them on your list you can’t even post the amazing time you had when you were suppose to be sick
Farmville freak
I hate their cows and goats always waiting for me in my requests page
Mr care a lot
We get it you care about everything cause or campaign under the sun but you don’t have to tell us about it
The spammer
“Dude this is how I made 10000 dollars working from home “ right that’s why you keep borrowing money from all of us
Facebook chatter Box
I just find this creepy chat popping up whenever I get on facebook it feels like that freek was waiting for me to just log on