Review on Latest Gaming Consoles

Nintendo wii

Considered to be the overall market leader in terms of console sales,Nintendo has witnessed radical success since its launch thanks to its innovative controls and expanded target market.To date Nintendo's little box of wonder ,the wii ,has sold more than 75 million units worldwide.the sales however saw a steady decline in july 2010 with competitors of the wii catching up with their own innovative ideas .to counter this Nintendo not only brought innovative and quality titles to its console byt also unvelled the Nintendo 3DS.


After finally managing to dethrone the Nintendo wii and DS in terms of sales for the first time since its launch the xbox 360 became a popular choice for most core gamers around world with a total sold of more than 44 million units sold ,the Xbox 360 has been creating waves in the market with its quality titles affordable price points and superb online service .

Playstation 3

To this day,Sony’s big black box is considered to be technologically superior to its competitors .the play station 3 has seen a steady rise in sales because of its popularity everywhere in general and japan in particular. Doubling as a bluray player for many households, more than 41 million PS3 Units have been sold world wide .

Nintendo Ds

With more than 135 million units sold so far the highest number of overall sales acreoss the board the Nintendo DS has to be the definitive handheld gaming console its user friendliness and diverse library of games make it an instant favorite for many with most of its sales being due to the plethora of puzzle games and online capabilities it offer

Play station portable

With a sales figure of 62 million units worldwide the play station portable continues to be the most popular non Nintendo handheld console ever users across the globe are known to purchase a psp not only for its impressive library of games but also for its media capabilities.

Personal computer

Those who claim that gaming on a pc is dead have not done their homework .Although NPD groups official tallies for pc game sales aren’t available PC gaming still seems to be going strong despite the dominance of consoles with the video game market .