Naked – Eye 3D Laptop

Toshiba is launching a Naked – Eye 3D laptop next year. Toshiba keeps experimenting and launch products which makes life easier for people around the globe.

Past few years, 3D technology has become very famous, but its never been quite perfect. There was always some issue or the other with 3D technology. After the announcement of 3D Televisions that won’t require custom – made glasses for 3D exprience Toshiba has come up with laptops that will provide the same facility and one will not be required to wear 3D glasses to enjoy 3D exprience on one’s laptop.

Japan’s business daily ‘The Nikkei’ reports that Toshiba is seriously working on the naked-eye 3D PC. While the earlier announced 3D TVs should be launched somewhere in December in Japan itself, Toshiba is planning to launch the uniquely designed PCs sometime during the upcoming year.